CBBD Group makes new regions accessible for international business and actively supports corporates in expanding their activities abroad


Our key clients are investors, asset owners, manufacturers and trading firms, aiming for new geographic markets


We offer asset origination on the ground, a strong network of local professionals as well as robust fundraising and transaction management services.


Cross-Border Strategy

  • Identifying relevant foreign markets for investors, asset owners, manufacturers, procurement managers etc.
  • Evaluating these markets and their specific entry requirements (economics, regulations, business customs, culture etc.) 
  • Defining appropriate cross-border go to market and business strategies

Professional Local Business Network

  • Identifying critical dimension of required local support 
  • Providing a strong and reliable network of trustworthy local professionals such as lawyers, tax advisors, engineers, regulators, translators etc.
  • Ongoing managing and supervision of local professionals and their effective and efficient cooperation

Due Diligence Services

  • Well structured collection and presentation of key documents as prerequisite for successful evaluation of transactions
  • Anticipating counterparty’s key information requirements and critical assessments, minimizing gaps and traps
  • Management of virtual data room provider, supervision of data collection, data room furnishing and user group management 

Origination of Local Partners and Assets

  • Identifying relevant strategic partners and/or assets and potential sellers in foreign markets
  • Supporting the establishment of local co-operations or the establishment of local affiliates or offices
  • Supporting the set up and management of new local organizations

Fundraising (Debt & Equity)

  • Evaluation of funding situation and defining appropriate funding strategy (debt, equity, mezzanine and/or bridge funding)
  • Preparation of relevant fundraising documents (teasers, pitch books, presentations, reports etc.)  
  • Identifying and approaching potential lenders and/or investors, facilitating and supporting negotiations

Project & Transaction Management

  • Defining project and milestone plans, monitoring and managing their implementation 
  • Day-to-day managing of external partners and multi-stakeholder coordination
  • Bridging cultural gaps, mitigating corresponding risks, supporting successful collaboration and negotiations
Denes is multi lingual business expert, with a strength of thinking outside the box and reducing complexity. He has legal background and more than 15 years of experience in managing cross-border business transactions. He can lead teams with different professional and cultural background and deliver solid results.
Spiros is seasoned professional with global expertise in business development. Familiar with energy sector and utilities. Proactive on bridging cultural differences that can prove essential to success, as he possess extensive international experience.
Jan owns more than 20 years of experience as Business Unit and C-Suite Manager of international corporations with main responsibilities have been corporate strategy and business development in the finance, investment, consulting and start-up industry.

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